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I've always had a love for fashion, in fact, my sister used to call my mom and I gypsy's because we loved to layer every single piece of jewelry we owned on ourselves.  Being an athlete my whole life, I didn't have the chance to dress up cute all the time and I would always say "I'm going to start a jewelry line one day".  So, here I am Babes... I am sourcing and hand-making jewelry I always am wanting.  Humble Babe is supposed to be quality and unique pieces that are versatile.  The brand really reflects who I am as a person inside and out.  I love being fashionable and on trend but I also love to help people...Which is how I came to the idea of shop for a cause.  For all my babes out there who love to keep shop as much as I do, now a portion of your proceeds will go to the selected charity at the time to help make our world a better place.

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